Skillful Living

What is Skillful Living?

The ability to stay centered and proactive in all aspects of your life. When you are living skillfully, you don’t get caught in reactive mind states and are not defined by them; therefore, you have more clarity and choice in your life. Skillful living starts with the cultivation of mindfulness — the ability to be present in the moment, to recognize what’s true in the moment, and to notice how it’s affecting both your body and your emotions. Mindfulness empowers you to “respond” from your intentions to whatever is happening rather than “react” from your emotions.

Skillful Living Workshops

Phillip Moffitt offers daylong and weekend workshops in skillful living aimed at helping you develop a sense of co-creating your life. The core skills covered in the workshop and the benefits of Skillful Living training include:

  1. Learn how to apply mindfulness in your daily life. 
  2. Rediscover your authentic self.
  3. Gain more clarity and develop a sense of direction in your life.
  4. Identify and implement priorities based on your values and intentions.
  5. Recognize and address issues of ambivalence, ambiguity, and ambition in your life.
  6. Develop insights that will help your interactions with others to go more smoothly.
  7. Learn to deeply listen to yourself and others.
  8. Learn to make better decisions.
  9. Learn techniques for self-soothing.

To book a Skillful Living workshop with Phillip Moffitt, contact the Life Balance Institute at 415-435-3141, or email us.

We will announce the details of the next workshop, when it has been scheduled.

Self-Care for Care Providers Workshops

Phillip Moffitt offers special daylong workshops in skillful living aimed at teaching care providers how to self-renew. If you are a professional care provider (i.e., healthcare practitioner, therapist, or body worker) or a family member or friend who is caring for someone who is ill, it is critical that you develop the capacity to self-renew in order to avoid burnout. In these workshops, you will learn mindfulness techniques for achieving equanimity, self-compassion, and clarity and for grounding yourself in the healing spirit. This is a day for taking care of yourself. The workshop is appropriate for both healthcare professionals and individuals. The techniques taught are applicable in both therapeutic and home settings.

To book a Self-Care for Care Providers workshop with Phillip Moffitt, contact the Life Balance Institute at 415-435-3141, or email us.

Skillful Living Resources

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