I chose to work with Phillip at a time of intense transition, when it became essential that I rearrange my life professionally, personally and spiritually. I needed a guide to assist me in reclaiming my self and my deeper purpose. I was seeking a compass to navigate new and unknown terrains. In our year together, Phillip engaged me in subtle, yet profound processes allowing me to access my own inner wisdom, opening me to my core values, and learning how to use these values in a reliable way. Working with Phillip has been a remarkable turning point in my life. I now have access to deeper joy, wisdom, and a sense of self, well-being and purpose unlike ever before.

Small business owner, author, motivational speaker, San Francisco

Phillip Moffitt has the rare ability to see what the even the most insightful of us can’t see in ourselves. He cut through years of artifice with laser like precision in minutes to help me see my fullest potential, my truest self. I have spent most of my career shepherding others to discover their unique perfect pitch, and yet I could not do that for myself. Moffitt knows how to look at you as a whole person, not simply through the professional lens. We all have many roles in life: bread winner, husband, father, family member, friend—Moffitt helps you see the 360 degree you—the very best you.

Author, media executive, serial entrepreneur, New York City

I am working with Phillip as my coach and advisor on what I think is the greatest transformation, reconstitution and reorganization of my life I’ve ever attempted. Last year, at age 61 following my 4th failed marriage, what seemed to be the most serious business and economic challenges of my career, and finding myself overwhelmed by some of my emotions of loneliness, grief and sadness, I finally surrendered to the necessity of reshaping myself.

My life balance work with Phillip is helping me resolve the questions of what is my primary purpose for the remainder of my life (current articulation—to nurture and care for myself so that I am peaceful, happy, healthy and clear in mind, heart and intuition and available to my life purposes around being a Father, business leader, friend and loving companion to someone). From our work I see that I must be grounded in and living from my values. With Phillip’s help and guidance I’m presently working on being clear about what values I am committed to, clarifying what each value means in living, learning what’s true and present in me regarding those values now and how to live to bring them fully into my existence in my life. 

Phillip sees or gets me in a way that allows me to see myself more fully, to see those parts of me that I’ve become skilled at hiding even from myself. In addition, the conversations with Phillip provide a space for quickly getting clear on possible skillful actions on a myriad of important life situations that come up regularly. I find my work with Phillip in this life transition extremely valuable and essential.  I don’t know that I can successfully complete and move on from the ineffective patterns that have shaped major aspects of my life so far. I do know I would have almost no possibility for achieving this without Phillip’s help.

Consultant, Serial Entrepreneur, San Francisco

My work with Phillip began with an unexpected and unwelcome job loss. I felt low in spirit, defeated and I lacked a spiritual nest to offer me comfort. Phillip helped me understand how I valued myself both internally and within the context of my professional endeavors. In time, my values around who I am and what I have to contribute to the world have changed for the better. It has definitely not been easy, but I have found in our work the rigor to grapple with some of my big challenges. Phillip has guided me with his pragmatic and insightful perspective to focus on not just getting the next job, but to cultivate self-awareness and intention in all aspects of my life. Phillip’s caring heart and probing mindfulness have leveraged me in ways I could not have anticipated when I first came to see him. Though I have a journey in front of me, at least I feel I now have a map in my mind and a compass in my heart.

Financial industry executive, San Francisco

I came to Life Balance Institute at a transitional point in my life. My daughter was leaving for college, my company was reaching the 10-year mark, and new, exciting opportunities were being offered to me that would have far-reaching effects on my company and my life. I felt that there were too many pieces for me to weigh it all out on my own. I also knew myself well enough to know that I would try to “do it all” and take on too much.

Phillip helped me lay out my options and see both the opportunity and true costs. I could see which opportunities moved me forward on a road to a fuller, sounder life, and which opportunities would put that life in jeopardy. Once we worked through the process, it was the clearest, easiest decision to make! The opportunity I chose to pursue is doing well and brings me a lot of joy. I know I will turn to Life Balance again!

Small Business Owner, Trainer, Marin County, Calif.

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