Are You a Candidate for Life Balance Work?

1 Have you lost the sense of why you’re doing what you’re doing? Do you need a new vision to be excited about?
Life Balance can help you renew your enthusiasm for work and life.

2 Are you unclear about the direction you’re heading in?
Life Balance can help you reprioritize your goals and develop strategies for achieving them.

3 Are you feeling burned out or are you about to collapse under the pressure of being a leader?
Life Balance can help you increase your capacity to self renew and be a more effective, long-term leader.

4 Is there a major conflict between your professional and personal lives?
Life Balance can help you discover and address the underlying conditions that may be creating the problem.

5 Do you feel as though you’re neglecting your personal development?
Life Balance can help you create a vision for your personal growth and how to balance it with your professional life.

6 Do you feel trapped by your success?
Life Balance can help you identify the rewards of success that are critical to you and develop work-style alternatives that allow new possibilities for a more satisfying life.

7 Are you sabotaging your full potential for achieving success?
Life Balance can help you recognize the trigger points that cause the self-sabotage and identify specific steps for altering your behavior.

8 Do you feel unempowered or undermined in fulfilling your leadership role?
Life Balance can help you analyze the dynamics of your situation and determine what you can do to bring about a change.

9 Are you uncertain or conflicted about taking on a new leadership role?
Life Balance can help clarify the reasons for your ambiguity and help you determine the basis for making a decision.

10 Are you experiencing tension around work that is creating conflict with colleagues?
Life Balance can help you identify the inner and outer sources of your tension and create a strategy for alleviating it. Learn more about the Life Balance for Leaders program

Phillip Moffitt

Entrepreneur and former Esquire magazine editor-in-chief and C.E.O., Phillip Moffitt, founded the Life Balance Institute in order to provide training and resources for individuals and executives in how to live a more satisfying, values-based life. More

The Institute

The Life Balance Institute is a non-profit training organization dedicated to helping you develop essential life skills that will lead you to experience more clarity and choice in your life. The Institute offers online resources, group programs, and individual consulting in Skillful Living, Sustainable Leadership, and more

Emotional Chaos to Clarity

Emotional Chaos to Clarity: How to Live More Skillfully, Make Better Decisions, and Find Purpose in Life.

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