Life Balance for Leaders Programs

Phillip Moffitt offers the following three leadership programs:

The Sustainable Leadership Program

The Sustainable Leadership Program is a series of private, one-to-one training sessions with Phillip Moffitt in which    

  1. We analyze the issues that are interfering with your ability to be a fully effective leader over time;
  2. We consider these issues in the context of your whole life and identify other related issues and challenges that you might not be aware of;
  3. We do a strategic analysis of your leadership situation based on your values that includes an assessment of your priorities and how you allocate time;
  4. We explore new options for dealing with your issues and probe them until you’re able to identify the one you are most aligned with;
  5. We then create a critical path, complete with goals, tactics, and a calendar for implementation.    
  6. Ongoing, we work with any issues that arise around implementing your strategic plan and we challenge you with hard questions that push you to move forward in your life.

Individual Life Balance sessions are billed at $700/hour.

Non-profit rates are available.

All sessions take place in person with Phillip Moffitt at the Life Balance Institute in Marin County, Calif. Other arrangements can be made if you do not reside in the San Francisco Bay Area. Please call the office for more information or to set up an initial session, 415-435-3141.

Changes & Transitions Program for Leaders

  • Are you thinking about making a major change, such as leaving your job or changing careers?
  • Are you being forced into a professional transition that is not of your own making, such as your company has been sold or is downsizing?
  • Are you thinking of selling your business or have you just sold it?
  • Are you feeling disappointed now that you’ve achieved professional success?
  • Have you recently experienced a major failure?

This Life Balance program focuses exclusively on a specific change or transition that is occurring in your professional life (or one that you wish to have happen). Life Balance can help you assess whether you truly want to make a change and anticipate possible outcomes. We create a plan that addresses that change, and we explore how to keep your life in balance during this transition.

Individual Life Balance sessions are billed at $700/hour.

Non-profit rates are available.

Sustainable Leadership Team Program

How do you sustain leadership over an extended period of time? This question has perplexed most organizations and is often cited as a managerial crisis. In this program we examine the imbalances that are impairing sustained leadership in your organization. We examine what’s out of balance with the leadership of the organization and each individual leader’s relationship to the organization. Each leader completes a personal life balance assessment to identify areas of incongruence that prevent sustainable leadership. Possible areas of focus include fostering new ideas, creating change in your organization, addressing morale problems, and clarifying direction. (Participation limited to five people.)

 The Sustainable Leadership Team Program is a one-day workshop that takes place at the Life Balance Institute or other off-site location and includes pre- and post meeting phone sessions. (Contact the Life Balance Institute for pricing.)

Phillip Moffitt

Entrepreneur and former Esquire magazine editor-in-chief and C.E.O., Phillip Moffitt, founded the Life Balance Institute in order to provide training and resources for individuals and executives in how to live a more satisfying, values-based life. More

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