I had reached a point in my life where my career, although very successful was not very satisfying, and my family, which I said was the most important part of my life, was not getting my time. I was hugely conflicted about what to do with my life: talk to my boss, talk to my wife, find a new job, retire? My job was somehow unsatisfying and I was stuck trying to figure out what to do so that I could have a life.

Phillip helped me think through what actually mattered to me — not what he thought should matter to me, but what I thought mattered, not what I said mattered, but what I really felt mattered. He helped me explore my values, my strengths, my weaknesses. As a result of this work, I better understood where I could make a difference at work and at the same time have a life. He helped me strategize the next few years of my life and worked with me on how to approach my new job so that I would be super successful. Phillip enabled me to think through where I could grow as a person based on who I am and what is important to me, and apply that to my new job.

I found a job that was designed for me in a broken but potentially world class organization — it stretches me in all dimensions — leadership, relationships, managing up, managing down, managing across, and deftly handling conflict. I jumped into the shark tank and am having a terrific time! And I am able to do this because I now see my core inner strength, which was always there but I didn't know how to harness in any useful way. Phillip taught me how to be true to myself and yet still be successful. Curiously, it is following my convictions and values that are key to my new success.

Senior Executive, entertainment company

I’d come to a juncture in life when I knew I had to change something about my career, maybe everything. Phillip Moffitt accompanied me through the exploration and walked with me through the eventual transition like a wise friend, a seasoned guide and a fellow traveler. Everything was fair game for the work: practical business arrangements; family and emotions; health; and the change I felt called to but couldn’t define. The work recognized all the complexities of my situation; and honored the precious opportunity to craft a richer, more integrated and more satisfying life.

Owner, investment firm

At midlife I had it all — a successful business that I created with my wife, stability, a great family, and the trappings of our culture. Yet nothing could silence the roar inside of me, begging me to change and claim my deeper calling. A project this immense required not only an expert mentor, but also an expert model – someone who had already undergone this major life renovation. I revered the daring and successful professional transformation that Phillip Moffitt had made, and wanted him as my guide. I was blessed to engage Phillip as mentor and model through the process of selling my business and charting the course to lead a deeper and more authentic life. I thought the process would be easy. Phillip instead cautioned me that it would be rocky. He was right. Over the next several years, Phillip’s sage counsel led me through the labyrinth of life’s mysteries toward being empowered by what really matters. Not for the casually-interested, Phillip is the preeminent wise man for those interested in realizing the profound riches found trailblazing the road less traveled.

Entrepreneur, health industry

Phillip Moffitt has a remarkable ability to see right to the heart of a matter and articulate insights in a useful, powerful way. He has helped me find ways make my work more rewarding while having more time for my inner life. He is extremely effective both at the strategic level, clarifying the possibilities and my own priorities, and at the very practical level, finding skillful ways to effectuate changes. Phillip has a very rare combination of world-class business acumen and a deeply grounded spiritual perspective.

High-level manager, media company

I worked with Phillip Moffitt while making a difficult life transition after being President of a complex educational institution. Phillip’s insight and wisdom was quite valuable in addressing many challenging personal and professional issues. I am deeply grateful and recommend Life Balance to anyone facing a similar situation.

Executive, non-profit organization

As an executive with a successful 30-year career as an investment manager, I have been thinking, for some time, about making a major change in my life. I sought Phillip’s advice not only because of his experience in the business world, but also because of his empathy and deep understanding of the spiritual dimension of life. Our work together is helping me to identify my life’s purpose, and negotiate a graceful exit from my current employment in order to live a life more in alignment with my core values. It is a huge decision for me, and Phillip’s advice has been invaluable: he has offered practical solutions and strategies, and, more important, helped me to find deep conviction within myself to take a new direction.

Portfolio Manager, investment firm

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